"Research Strategies in Social Sciences & Project Development"

The quality assurance committee of SHLPB, with the attendance of the academic staff, organized on Monday 13 October 2014, the seminar "Research Strategies in Social Sciences & Project Development ".

The seminar was delivered by Associate. Prof. Dr. BekirCinar. Focus was made on the research strategies for the academics everyday life where specific attention was given to the Effective Strategies for Achieving Balance between the three main aspects of the academic tasks namely Teaching, Research and Services. Ten most important strategies were discussed in details giving the participants an insight understanding of the importance of such balance as a key to a better management of time and skills and achievement of set objectives.

The lector was further focused on the specific challenge of finding the relevant research topic in particular in Social Sciences. In that regard the seminar provided extended information on outstanding strategies that have proved helpful in finding relevant important research topics that serve to the community and provide great potential of getting funded. A step by step guide for researchers was discussed in details during the seminar and participants were also provided with a package of useful reference materials.

The third topic covered during the seminar was the project development. The lecturer provided insight on the different major project categories, namely international, national and regional. Focus was made on the phases on project development and strategies for obtaining funds for the proposed projects. To this regard an excellent program that provides extensive opportunities for researchers of all levels and fields, is the recently launched EU program Horizon2020. The lecturer also provided for the participants an essential guide on how to get published in high-impact journals, as a key to a successful academic research.

The seminar was attended with great interest and was highly appreciated by the academic staff of the SHLPB.