Meeting with representatives of the Public Agency for Higher Education Accreditation (APPAL)

Shkolla e Lartë Hëna e Plotë Bedër, organized on April 8, 2015, a meeting with representatives of APPAL in the framework of continuous assurance of quality in higher education.

The meeting was attended by the Rector and Deans of SHLPB, as well as members of the Quality Assurance Council. The meeting was held in an interactive form, creating opportunities for the participants to communicate with the agency representatives on issues and concrete problems encountered during the efforts to increase the quality of the institution, as well as to receive information on the procedures and institutional accreditation.

The representatives of the agency focused mainly on two issues which were considered of specific importance related to the process of accreditation, namely the internal evaluation of the institution and the pillars on which the internal evaluation report should be based.

It was also discussed about the work of the quality assurance unit, its specific tasks and the methodology used in ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of the institution. Another issue that received specific attention was related to the surveys as an important part of the evaluation of the institution as well as the methodology of designing the questionnaires in order to ensure obtaining the desired information.

Other issues that arose during the conversation were and related to the procedure to be followed for the change of the programs after the accreditation programs, issues related to the change of the teaching of specific programs and related procedures, and the procedures to be followed for the process of the expected institutional accreditation.

The agency representatives responded to the questions of the participants and offered their support regarding the provision of the information needed on the part of higher education institutions in the framework of institutional accreditation.