Training about archives

Based on the regulation of the Quality Assurance Commission and with the cooperation of the human resource and legal affairs office, a training program on the organization and functioning of the institution's archive was organized on 10 February 2015. Mr. Besmir Picalli, specialist of the institution of the State Archives was invited to deliver the training.

Mr. Picalli focused his speech on the maintenance and preservation of the students’ exams, an essential process to the activity of the institution.

Representatives from the departments and secretaries made a short presentation of their activities in relation to the archives, explaining that the exams for each subject are divided into respective envelopes that are properly labeled, each of them containing the following information: Name of the institution, faculty, department, name and code of the course, semester, final/midterm exam and the name of the lecturer.

All exams are stamped with the seal of the institution in the closing area of the envelope. The envelopes containing the exams are archived in the archive office separated in metallic shelves according to each department. Within the shelves there are folders that contain a number of envelopes. Each folder is labeled containing the number, faculty, the department, program of study, academic year, semester, code and name of the subject. The subjects and belonging of the exams are recorded in the inside: final, midterm, quizzes, projects, as well as a space for remarks.

The premises of the archive were inspected together with the specialist Mr. Picalli, where it was observed that all exams are transferred to the archive office with the aim to adequately preserve the documentation. The specialist confirmed in addition the fact that the entire process is conducted in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force.

Moreover it was highlighted the fact that the Archive is in optimal conditions to properly store documentation, including physical and technical conditions.

The specialist expressed his concern that in a near future will emerge the need to expand the physical capacity of the office, in order to avoid confusion within the archive, a fact that was recognized by the institution's staff and recorded as the next target of the archives office.