Training Seminars on informatics

 Course I

The quality assurance committee of SHLPB, with the attendance of the administrative staff, started on Saturday 7 February 2015, the cycle of training seminars on informatics.

The first seminar was focused on development and improvement of computer skills in the field of creation and editing of publications in MCS Word program.

During the seminar, a newsletter has been created using the advanced publishing techniques of the Word program.

The participants had the opportunity to obtain information and discuss about the methodology and advanced techniques used to set up and edit the pages of a newsletter.   

The seminar was attended with great interest and highly appreciated by the participants. 

Training Seminars on Informatics – Course II

Quality Assurance Council of SHLPB continued on 14 February 2015 the series of training workshops on topics of informatics, organized for the administrative staff.

The second workshop was focused on the MCS Excel program.

The training course theme was the Pivot Table which is one of the most important techniques of the Excel program. Pivot Table provides great convenience related to the preparation of various reports and statistics.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the advanced techniques of Charts.

 Course III

Quality Assurance Council of SHLPB on 21 February 2015 continued next training seminar regarding informatics topics, organized for administrative staff.

The seminar was focused on the Pivot Table option of Excel programme.

One of the important points of the Pivot Table is the use of Filters, Slicers and Charts. Participants assessed as very necessary the usage of these options, because this helps them much in their daily work.